Animation/Visualising Information
After Effects
Luna was designed for the “Stories of Me” brief within the Visualising Information minor. Tracking 21 days of personal sleep data and utilising the lunar cycle, a correlation between my sleeping pattern’s relationship to the moon was extrapolated.

With the information derived, I proposed the idea of producing a small piece of fictional software that would analyse sleeping data to predict future sleep cycles.

The Birth of Luna

This project came out of my love for fictional UI and sci-fi films set in space. When I started to collect my sleep data, I had no idea what would come of it. Initially the only variables were sleep quality, sleep duration and time. It wasn’t until my friend said to look into lunar cycles did I find a correlation.

I designed this from the perspective of someone living in space whether that be an astronaut or extraterrestrial life. Having never animated before I knew that I would only be able to create something super simple however, I wanted to pay close attention to the nature of the movements—weightlessness.

1   Movie screen captures (The Martian, Interstellar, Gravity, The Martian)

Visualisation Research

I looked to projection techniques and early celestial mapping to inform my major visualisation, initially designing a polar grid–like graph. It showed little promise with the scatter graph being more effective in displaying the beautiful s–curve trend.

2  Research images (top left, bottom left, right)

3  Initial data display
4  Data draft


Though a purely 2D animation, I wanted to create a link to spatial elements using subtle ease–in and ease–out techinques, for example, the loading signal. In contrast, the main visualisation explodes as a supernova though still maintains a sense of weightlessness as it expands and collapses. Even static, this main visualisation resembles a constellation.

Felt Suprenova by Caltech
5  Supernova in Luna
6  Loading in Luna